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various pros and cons of using lifting straps

Lifting straps are an important part of your workout if you are engaged in lifting weights, barbells, lifting platforms and bumpers plates. It may not be compulsory to wear these straps or belts when lifting but they can definitely offer benefits which make them highly useful. Not only do they provide grip enforcement but also makes a lifter capable of lifting 5% more weight. But besides these benefits, there are some negatives too which are associated with lifting straps. You must assess both the pros and cons of these straps before deciding to use them or not. The following is a list of the pros and cons of lifting straps which can help you take an informed decision: The various Pros of lifting straps: • Stabilization-one of the positives which is associated with lifting straps is that they help to attain a stable motion and not lose balance when lifting weights. They help to increase the intra-abdominal pressure which makes the abdominal cavity support the spine internally. This in turn helps to stabilize the core and reduce the stress it receives. • Reduces the stress on the spine-another major benefit of lifting straps is that they help to reduce the stress on the spine. By wearing the belt, the core muscles and the lower back tend to push the spine and this makes the body respond by creating a more rigid core, thus releasing stress from the spine. • Strengthens grip-another positive associated with lifting straps is that they help to strengthen the grip and make it possible to lift straps. This helps you to reach the maximum workout for the day. These straps are made in such a way that they help to ease the burden of the muscles of the forearm as well as the hands. They thus help to promote the development of the targeted muscles. The various Cons of lifting straps: • Injuries-by wearing lifting straps, you can either get injured or get an injury aggravated. If you suffer from any kind of back problems or injuries, then you must know that these injuries can be aggravated by wearing the belt. Just because you are wearing a belt and feeling less pressure on the spine does not mean that the belt is not affecting you. Infact, in some cases, if proper care is not taken, the belt can also cause back problems or other injuries. • Weakens the lower back-another negative point associated with lifting straps is that it tends to weaken the lower back. Since it acts as a support or crutch to the development of the core, it can have a negative effect on your back since it acts as a crutch for it too. If you have a habit of wearing a lifting strap or belt lowweight and high rep workouts, then this can further weaken the back. What happens is that when the belt takes the stress or pressure off the back, it weakens the development of the back.


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