Why a Standing Military Press Is Better

Whenever you walk into any major gym in your local area, you are likely to see a majority of people there doing one main type of exercise, the bench press. A normal bench press is fine, but it doesn’t match up to the power of the standing military press.

This is especially true in men who are trying to build up muscle to show off to the ladies. Each gym usually has a good number of bench press stations, and they are usually all filled up with guys trying to bulk up.

Standing Military PressNo matter what day of the week it is, you will probably find it hard to get a spot on one of these bench press locations.

It’s really a shame that so many people are intrigued with the regular bench press, because there are so many other types of exercises that are more efficient in building muscle in bulk throughout your arms and chest.

In fact, one of the best workouts for the arms and chest area of the body is actually a variation of the more conventional bench press.

The standing military press is better than your normal bench press because it will work more parts of your body than the normal, everyday bench press.

How to do a standing military press exercise

When you do a military press, you can use any squat rack and get ready to do a workout with some weights. You can use whatever grip you’d like when you do this workout. Add some weights onto the barbell and prepare to try this new workout. As you are standing, give your body a rather slight lean to the back.

Hold the bar at chest level in front of your body, and then begin lifting the barbell and weights above your head to the point where your arms almost lock out.

You can then lower this weight back to chest level. The reason this workout is so much more effective is that you don’t bring the weight all the way back down. You can only bring it back down to chest level, which makes the workout much harder and more intense. This will take a few attempts to master, and you can try a few different grips before you find one that works for you.

Basic facts on the standing military press

This military press is rather easy to learn because it is really not that complicated. The straightforward approach makes this exercise popular among people who have heard about it, but more people need to hear about this awesome technique. Instead of wasting your time on the bench doing lifts, everyone should be standing up and lifting from their chest.

The gyms should not be filled with people at the benches because there are more effective exercises that they could be doing.

Also, the bench press can actually be kind of dangerous. While the standing press is not completely safe from trouble either, you actually need a professional to teach you how to bench. If you want to be able to complete your structural balance and building muscle along the way, then you should make sure to try this tactic next time you go to the gym.