Tone Your Biceps With Three Simple Bicep Curl Workouts!

Toned Biceps can be obtained with number of weight training exercises which targets the “biceps brachii muscle”.

A Bicep curl muscle strengthens upper arm muscles. Try these three simple workouts for toned and strong biceps.

The three workouts are:

  • Bicep curl with barbell
  • Bicep curl with dumbbell
  • Bicep curl with resistance band

The procedures of performing these three workouts are explained as follows:

Bicep curl with barbell:Bicep Curl

  • For this workout you should have a barbell.
  • Pick your barbell from the floor by facing your palms away from the body. You should maintain your grip concerning shoulder apart.
  • Stand straight up with straight back, don’t bend backwards. If you don’t feel comfortable, step back for stability with one foot.
  • Slowly bring the barbell towards your upper chest by squeezing the bar stiff. Try to keep your elbows tucked into your sides.
  • Pause at the top for a moment and slowly lower down to the normal position by keeping control on the weight. [Barbell Workouts]

Bicep curl with dumbbells:

  • In this workout, stand straight with your knees slightly bent by keeping place feet hip distance apart.
  • You should point your toes forward and keep your shoulders even.
  • Hold dumbbells in both hands by facing the palm upwards.
  • Position your elbows next to the rib cage and hip waist.
  • By exhaling (breathing out), slowly and evenly lift both dumbbells with your forearms upright to shoulders to a full extending position (bicep curl).
  • Slowly lower your arms to the starting position by inhaling (breathing in).
  • Don’t forget to squeeze your bicep muscles as you lift down.
  • Repeat this exercise for 8 to 10 times.
  • Don’t keep your back straight and don’t lean to one side while performing this workout.
  • Move your arms slowly while performing this exercise. [Dumble Workouts]

Bicep curl with resistance band:

  • You should have a resisitance band to perform this workout.
  • Stand straight and firmly on the resistance band tube by making an arc near your foot.
  • Keep your elbows straight in the starting position.
  • Now make your elbows stabilized at your side when you lift hands towards your shoulders.
  • Now slowly return to the starting position.
  • In this workout, you should not try to pull the resistance band forcibly. If you pull it with much force, pain near the shoulders can result.
  • Try to perform this workout with neutral speed. [Resistance Band Workouts]

These are the three various workouts to obtain bicep curl. Follow proper measures while performing these exercises for the first time because sometimes shoulder and ankle pains may be obtained with improper performance of these exercises.

It’s better to perform these exercises with proper guidance from your fitness trainer for the first time. Don’t feel hurry while performing these exercises, try to do them with medium speed and with more power.