Turn Your Workout into a Chest Expander

When most people try to think of an exercise that is a real chest expander, they usually think of the bench press before anything else. The bench press is definitely one of the best bodybuilding equipment and also the best way to build muscle in your chest area, but there are also other methods that can be used if you don’t want to pump iron.

Some people cannot afford to get a gym membership, while others simply don’t want to be around others when they start working out.

Chest ExpanderWhether you are working out at a gym or in the privacy of your own home, there are a variety of different exercises that can be used to pump up your chest.

There are some lesser known exercises that can give you a broader, more powerful frame, so why not give them a shot instead of doing the same workout routine every day?

Instead of doing the bench press, there are actually two separate exercises that you can combine into a chest expander.

These two exercises are breathing squats and pullovers.

Using breathing squats as a chest expander

First of all, you need to decide what kind of workout you want to do. If you want to build up bulk muscle, then you should use larger weights. If you are trying to slim down and just tone the muscles you have, then you should use lighter weights and do more reps.

You will have to make slight adjustments depending on exactly what you are looking for, but you should eventually be able to get the hang of how to do these chest expander exercises.

The first part of this workout is the breathing squats, and these are basically the same as regular squats with a few minor adjustments. Basically, you need to breath in and out very heavily while you are doing your squats. You should also take three deep breaths between each rep during this part of the workout.

Use the pullover routine to bulk up your chest

After you have done a few reps with the squats, you can then quickly switch to the pullovers on a flat bench with dumbbells. Do not take any rest between the squats and the pullovers. You should do a set of 20 pullovers and use the same breathing techniques used during the squats.

In this workout, the purpose is to stretch out your rib cage as much as possible. Do not worry about building muscle during this workout, but only think about stretching out your rib cage.

You can go back to the squats again if you are up for it, but you usually want to stop at one set during your first time. The combination of these two workouts is perfect for anyone who is looking for a chest expander.

Now when you are doing your exercise for the day, you will know how to work a chest expander into your routine. Try this workout the next time you get around to exercising and see how you like the feeling of it in your chest area.