Woman Body Building Tips

Women are different from men when it comes to body building.Nowadays woman body building became popular with male body building [Female body building].

Women are developing muscles and toned body with woman body building.

Tips for woman body building:

  1. Set the goals depending upon your goal. If you are participating in woman body building competition, prepare the plan accordingly. If you want to build muscle and tone your body, prepare your woman body building plan in that way.
  2. Once you have decided the goal, stick to it. You should not neglect or skip the workouts. If you feel to skip the workout, remember the goal.woman body building
  3. Follow the proper form. In the beginning, take help of a trainer to workout. If you are not following the proper form, it may lead to injuries.
  4. Women have more body fat than men. You have to workout to reduce the body fat and increase the muscle mass.
  5. Women avoid weight lifting, as they feel that it will turn them muscular. But, in reality weight training converts fat into lean muscle.
  6. Don’t work on any one exercise. If you repeat the same exercise and overdo, it overstress particular muscle group.
  7. Vary your exercises and work on all muscle groups [Exercise for woman].
  8. Start with low weights. If you want to increase muscle mass and gain strength, you can try heavier weights.
  9. Don’t workout faster because it will not give results. Move slowly and take one to two minutes to contract the muscle, hold the contraction for a second and release in four to five seconds.
  10. As every muscle has an opposing muscle, you have to work both the muscles and avoid working only one side of muscles.
  11. Select woman body building exercises such as building strength in the upper back and shoulders. Focus on building the hamstring muscles to protect against knee injuries.
  12. You should have patience when building a body. Change in muscles cannot be seen until five to six weeks.
  13. If you lose weight quickly from diet, it can cause quick loss in muscle tissue. Since women have less muscle mass than men, extreme dieting will damage their body.
  14. You should also include aerobic exercises to keep yourself in good shape. Aerobic exercises help cardiovascular system, keeping the heart and lungs in good condition [Dance aerobics].
  15. Exercise during pregnancy produces better muscle tone and helps to lose pregnancy weight. But you should not do high impact exercises and over strain yourself.
  16. If you cut lot of food, your muscles become weak. You lose muscle mass as you lose fat. Therefore moderate dieting should be followed.
  17. Amino acids and protein are the building blocks to the entire body and they help in burning excess calories and fat. The food sources which contain protein are meat, eggs, fish, and poultry.
  18. Avoid supplements which are available in the market. These supplements may have other side effects on your health. Take natural supplements such as vitamins which are available in fresh fruits and vegetables.