Fit for Emmy – 10 Fittest Ladies at Emmy Awards This Year

Here is the list of 10 fittest women who graced the Emmy Awards night held at Los Angeles recently.

We tell you what keeps them fit and in shape to entertain you day after day with their glamorous on-screen presence.

1. January Jones

January Jones

This star of Mad men fame lit the red carpet in her dazzling diamond jewelry accented by the black dress she was wearing. But what made her bring the best out of her was her fit body. She achieves this by eating a healthy diet, without strenuous workouts. This 34-year old blonde has managed to maintain a good balance between fitness and curves and thus retains the feminine look.

2. Julie Bowen

Starring in the TV series Modern Family, Julie Bowen displayed her perfectly chiseled body in a Monique Lhuillier frock. The secret of her fitness is her disciplined exercise regimen. Her most favorite workout routine happens to be running; and she derives all her energy from her daily dose of run.

3. Nicole Kidman

This Hollywood beauty also graced the Emmy awards this year. The 45-year old actress stunned onlookers with her show stopping figure. This natural beauty explains that her fitness mantra is to eat organic food, portion control and a seven-mile run every day of her life. And she adds that she learned this from her dad.

4. Hayden Panettiere

This young beauty arrived in a gorgeous flowing gown. The sari-inspired dress complemented this former gymnast’s body contour. Her fit body is witness to her fetish for outdoor games such as – softball, volleyball and baseball. Also, she never fails to take her pets out for a walk.

5. Kerry Washington

This 35-year old TV star maintains her lean frame by attending intense boot-camp sessions with celeb trainer David Kirsch. She says this is one thing that keeps her physically, mentally and spiritually fit.

6. Heidi Klum

At 40, Heidi Klum looks more glamorous than ever. She credits her top shape to workouts with celeb trainers David Kirsch and Andrea Orbeck. She also maintains a strict discipline of workouts to get a toned tush, flat abs and lean legs – her prized possessions.

7. Morena Baccarin

She looked resplendent in a Basil Soda gown and sported her Pilates chiseled body. However she confesses to hating the Stairmaster – one of the exercises familiar to Pilates’ practitioners.

8. Emily Vancamp

Another Pilates and yoga fan, this 26-year old Emily blazed the red carpet with her dazzling beauty. In addition to working with a fitness trainer she swears by pool exercises to keep her body ready for any challenge that her work presents to her.

9. Sofia Vergara

Her infamous curves are a result of the long hours she devotes at the gym along with her trainer Gunnar Peterson. This 40-year old says that sweating it out is the only way one can keep fit.

10. Zooey Deschanel

Dressed in a powder blue gown, this 32-year old New Girl star looked stunning on the red carpet. She likes to mix her workouts and takes to Pilates, biking, dancing and running.