Adriana Lima Workout Tips

Adriana Lima is one of the most admired supermodels of them all. She has a very interesting workout routine that fascinates fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. Although she already has two children, she lost all of her baby fat within weeks and now she looks like she never had children.

Adriana Lima Workout Tips


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This means that you should have high intensity exercises followed by small and less intense exercises. The supermodel usually jumps rope as a cardiovascular exercise to increase her athletic capacity and to tone her body while speeding up fat loss. She considers HIIT as the main focus of her workout routine and this is the secret that helped her lose her baby fat.

Muscular Focused Exercises

The model performs high intensity exercises too which build her muscles and which give her that desirable body shape. She performs ab exercises and weight leg squats to get in shape for photo shootings. She claims that she doesn’t use weights or machines for abs only body sculpting movements of high intensity.

Boxing Bag

Adriana Lima is a big fan of boxing and this sport represents an important part of her workout routine. She doesn’t just punch randomly, but uses a combination of drills of high strength and velocity. According to her boxing keeps her in shape and besides this, it also maintains her mentally sharp. This is because boxing requires a lot of precision for balance and movement.

Yoga and Capoeira

Capoeira comes from the Brazilian culture. In fact it is a martial art combining music and dancing with power and high speeds. In order to keep her body highly flexible, the supermodel often has yoga sessions. Jogging and spinning are two of the most important parts of her workout routine as well.

Her Breakfast

Having a nice body isn’t only about working out, but also about the things that you eat. Generally speaking, Adriana Lima has egg whites, raisins, and oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes she also has milk or coffee with it. On occasions she has honey or yogurt and muesli. Her secret is that her calorie intake decreases throughout the day.

Snacks and Mid-Day Meals

Normally the supermodel has fish, red meat, or chicken with vegetables. She considers fiber as an important part of her nutrition to make sure that calories won’t accumulate in her body. As snacks she usually has raw vegetables, such as carrots and cucumber that will refresh her throughout the day.


It is a known fact that people should have as little to eat as possible for dinner. This is why the supermodel only has salad for dinner. She claims that having a light dinner will help her sleep better and she feels more refreshed the next day. Specialists say that the supermodel has a weight loss diet focusing on calorie burning and toning.

Although you might think that you could do the same as the model, don’t forget about all the things that you would have to give up.