Alessandra Ambrosio: Fitness Routine Demystified

The best among Victoria’s Secret angels, Alessandra is the one who got to wear and display the fantasy bra this year.

Her vital statistics fail to reveal her new mommy status as she cruises through ramps wearing lingerie of any type and cut.

All these do not come easy. Alessandra has a fitness routine to follow and a diet regimen to maintain. So here is Alessandra’s fitness and diet routine demystified.


Early Years

During the early days of her career, Alessandra was smart enough to approach celeb fitness trainer Leandro Carvalho. She put forth her demands – long thin legs, thinner thighs and a butt lift. As a result Leandro came up with his famous Brazil Butt Lift technique. In this technique, the master worked on the three butt muscles – maximus, minimus and medius and gave Alessandra what she wanted.

Workout Routine

The following are the butt shaping exercises she follows:

Elastic Bands

Exercise bands give shape to your body. Alessandra uses these bands on her feet and swings her arms to give movement to the butt muscles. The movements are a blend of cardio foot work and Brazilian dance steps.


A form of Brazilian martial arts, the Capoeira helps maintain Alessandra’s figure. This is performed sitting in a crouched position and moving the legs back and forth alternately, by balancing your body with your hands. The exercise can be repeated until tired.

Floor Exercises

There are number of floor exercises that Alessandra follows. Two among them are must dos.

Ankle weights are one among them. Using ankle weights balance the body on knees and elbows and slowly lift the free leg out.  Move it from side to side, touching the floor. Repeat this with the other leg and do as many repetitions as required.

The other one is to lie on the floor and raise both legs a little above the floor. In this position, try raising one leg upwards and swing it back, repeat this with the other leg. Do as many as you can.

Diet Plan

With all these exercises, one is bound to feel hungry like a pig. A good diet plan takes care of the nutrition needs required for this fitness routine.

Alessandra begins her morning with a breakfast of eggs and bacon. For carbohydrates she chooses from muffins, bagels, sandwiches, bread and fruit along with coffee. Afternoon lunch comprises a salad with lean meat such as fillet mignon, chicken breast and some carbohydrates like rice and beans. But if a photo shoot is on the list then she opts for a lighter lunch. Her evening snack she likes to take a few nuts and coffee. For dinner she includes seafood, salami or caviar and sometimes an Italian dessert.

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