Discover the Fitness Secrets of Rihanna-The Singer

Who doesn’t want a hot body like that of Rihanna? Celebrities like her have to go through a lot of training and diet control to look like gods and goddesses on screen and a lot of effort goes in to maintaining their charismatic looks and awesome bodies. Do you too want to look like Rihanna with the perfectly toned legs and the curvaceous body to die for? Well, for this you need to discover her fitness mantras and secrets.  The following are some of the secrets of Rihanna’s great looks and fit body that might help you:

fitness secrets of Rihanna

Secret 1: Rihanna’s fitness regime includes leg lifts and lunges to tone her thighs as well as her butt.  It is known that Rihanna carries a realryder bike which allows her to carry on with her workout sessions wherever she goes.  Because she travels so much, she makes sure that most of her exercises can be performed in smaller areas.

Secret 2: Rihanna loves her Cardio workout sessions.  Whenever she feels the need to slim down a little bit, she performs cardio for about 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  Some of the cardio workouts which you can do too to get a body like her are cycling, jogging, stationary bike, jump roping, jumping jacks and jogging in place. These exercises help Rihanna to keep her thighs slim and lose weight.

Secret 3: Riri’s fitness secret for an excellent and well-toned body is that she never skips her workout sessions, even when she is travelling and sometimes fits them in, even when she is backstage.  This dedication is a necessity without which it is really hard to maintain fitness levels and is an inspiring example for all of us.  She likes to mix many exercises which range from martial arts to dancing and from running to calisthenics.

Secret 4: According to Rihanna, it is really important for you to concentrate on your diet when you train for 5 days in a week. Without proper nutrition and diet, fitness is incomplete, no matter how many hours you spend in the gym.  She says that dieting has proved better for her to lose weight as compared to exercising and same holds true for so many of us.

So another secret to Rihanna’s fitness is having 5 small meals a day rather than gorging on 2-3 large meals. She loves having Caribbean food and spicy dishes to keep her metabolism up. She also prefers keep her energy levels up by opting for health carbohydrates.

Secret 5: Rihanna believes that staying fit is not just a matter of the present but also of the future and hence it is important to set goals and live by them till the end.

So, it seems like Rihanna doesn’t like to go extreme but opts for a nice and balanced fitness regime.  Short but frequent exercises clubbed with small but frequent meals seem to be her ultimate health and fitness secret.  So are you willing to go down the same road to look as Gorgeous as Riri?

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