Jennifer’s Road to Red Carpet-Ready Body

Having grabbed all the attention for her performance on screen, Jennifer Lawrence is now getting ready to grab the awards as well. With so many award events spread over varying time zones, Jennifer manages to remain fresh and poised. Here is how Jennifer stays healthy and fit despite a hectic schedule and erratic after event parties.

Jennifer’s Road to Red Carpet-Ready Body

Power of Water

Award ceremonies are accompanied by champagne toasts, indulgent meals and late night parties. This means even the most glamorous of the stars getting fizzled out. But Jennifer manages all of these with a bit of discipline and lots of water. The actress begins her day with lemon in warm water.

She continues hydration throughout the day with a cup of peppermint tea here and there. Finally she ends her day with a cup of chamomile tea that soothes her and puts her to deep slumber.

To handle jet lags and other effects of traveling across time zones, Jennifer includes dandelion tea which prevents water retention. And just before a big event she indulges in Epsom salt bath, a proven remedy for tired muscles.

Improving Posture

Jennifer makes sure she practices regular exercises and stretches that keep her body fit and her posture straight. It is important to concentrate on keeping the chest up, shoulders back and tummy tucked in while performing these exercises. Keeping your chin up is very important to red carpet appearances, and only a good posture can give you that confidence.

Yoga on the Move

When traveling, exercise does not take a back seat. Jennifer makes sure she practices her yoga and Pilates moves that make her feel lighter. Jennifer resorts to workouts at least 2 to 3 days in a week. The hour long sessions include warming up on a treadmill, cardio exercises, drills and acrobatics too.

Balanced Diet

Right food choices are as important to fitness as are exercises. Jennifer keeps balanced diet as her top priority to maintain her energy levels and prevent bloating as well. Her breakfast includes a high protein source such as eggs or a protein shake. For instant energy she adds carrot and ginger juice to the menu. Lunch is tomato soup, lean meat and asparagus accompanied by chamomile and dandelion tea.