1800 Calorie Diet – A Truly Smart Diet for Food Fans

One of the major problems of a lot of people these days is being overweight. This is why the 1800 calorie diet has been introduced. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat only certain kinds of food. On the contrary, you will be easting every kind of food, in a certain measure, in order to have a healthy diet.

The only restriction that you have is that you are allowed to eat only a certain amount of food, meaning about 1800 calories per day.

1800 calorie dietYou can include every kind of food that you like. Also it could be a good idea to keep a treat day every now and then because this way it could be easier to stick to the diet with 1800 calories.

Also remember to stick to normal food when having this diet, so that there won’t be any dietary deficiencies.

It is important to keep an eye out for are the ‘hidden’ calories in processed and fast food. At the beginning it might be useful to keep track of everything that you eat and to write it down.

This way you will see where could you cut down some calories to end up eating only 1800 calories a day.

1800 calorie diet – Day 1

For breakfast have 2 grilled pork sausages, 2 leans or grilled bacon, 1 scrambled egg, 100g canned tomatoes, 100g baked beans, mushrooms fried in the smallest quantity of oil possible and 2 slices of whole meal toast with a bit of butter. For lunch, prepare baked potatoes with 100 grams of Cottage Cheese.

As a snack you could have 2-3 pieces of fruit. For dinner have pasta salad made with a tiny bit of olive oil and a bit of cheese sauce and also 50g of tuna canned in brine. This way during the day you will consume less than 1800 calories.

1800 calorie diet – Day 2

On the second day you could have a small bowl of muesli along with some skimmed milk and some fruit juice. There should be a snack that consists of sandwich with a ‘Marmite’ and an apple.

This day could be a treat day, for example, and you could go to McDonalds and have a cheeseburger, regular fries and some apple pie. For dinner consider Lasagna birds Eye Menu and also some vegetables. Until the end of the day you will have consumed 1800 calories.

1800 calorie diet – Day 3

For breakfast have an omelette made of 2 eggs, ham and mushrooms, 2 slices of toast and butter and jam and also a bit of fruit or fruit juice. In case of lunch you might like ‘Ross’ Pork & Apple Casserole, crusty bread and some vegetables.

As a snack have some yogurt that is low in fat and also have a bit of fruit. At the end of the day have some Cream Salmon Taglietelle, and some raspberry jam sponge and a small glass of wine or beer. All this adds up to a bit more than 1800 calories so if you can avoid the alcohol it would be a good idea to do so.

You may see that you don’t really have to give up on anything in case you decide to keep the 1800 calorie diet.