5 Rules To Follow For Eating Before Exercise

There are certain things that you are advised to do in regard to eating before exercise and some things that are very foolish indeed.

Eat very lightly just before

This is one of the main do’s when it comes to eating before exercise. If you have eaten a very heavy, greasy or filling meal then you may be tempted to skip your usual workout and opt for something else.

You can eat food that is energy packed like bananas for potassium and apples or grapes for the energy boost that they give you. Eat the heavy meal after you have worked out!

Do not skip eating beforehand

If you are thinking about not eating before exercise please think again about that! This is a big mistake! Not eating anything before you workout is not going to make things any easier or faster.

This will only spoil your workout because you will constantly be thinking about what you will get to eat when you finish and where you will go for it.

Snack lightly on high protein foods

If you really want to know something that is on the do’s list of eating before exercise; snacking on small portions of high protein foods is a great idea. If you were to munch on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some beef and cheese sticks as you are heading out to exercise, you will get an energy boost from everything involved.

Do not go hog wild on sugary food

When it comes to eating before exercise, you really do not need to be eating a whole bunch of sugary and sweet stuff. This is not going to help you to keep going through that long or tough workout.

All this will actually do is raise your energy level for a very short time and then crash down very quickly as you go through your exercise routine.

Look into eating organic food only

Have you ever thought about the real impact that organic food will have on your workouts and overall well being? You may not believe it but organic food is the best to be eating before exercise.

Not only will you not be adding more chemicals and pesticides to your intake than necessary; but you will be able to get the full benefits that the food is meant to provide. Think carefully about what you are eating before exercising.