Are There Any Differences Between Organic Food And Conventional Food?

Are you in a dilemma whether to take an organic food or your usual conventional food? Find out the differences between organic and conventional foods before deciding to consume.

Is there any difference between organic and natural conventional food?

Organic food doesn’t mean natural, but they are minimally processed and also preservative free.

It is very essential for you to know that all natural foods are not organic, only certain natural foods that are labeled as organic are considered to be organic. These simple points can help you to differentiate organic and natural food

  • Unlike conventional food, these foods are grown without using any chemical fertilizers and by just adding manure to feed plants.
  • Conventional farmers use pesticides to kill the pests and insecticides in their farms, where as in organic farming the insects or pests are killed by simple methods of trapping.
  • In an organic feed, animals are fed with balanced diet and rotational gazing to minimize the risk of diseases in them whereas in conventional animal nurture, they are treated with medicines in order to prevent the risk of infections and diseases.

Which is preferable, organic or conventional?

Many factors are considered while preferring organic foods which are grown typically using natural fertilizers.

  • Considering nutrition values: Till now, there is no conclusive evidence that proves organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food.
  • Quality: Most of these foods meet the same excellence and also safety standards as that of conventional foods. The only difference lies in how the food is produced and handled. You can notice that organic fruits and vegetables spoil much faster than conventional foods, as they are not given required preservatives.
  • Appearance of organic food: It is most uncommon that organic foods often appear in odd shapes, sizes and also vary in colors. In most cases, organic foods look most similar to conventional foods.
  • Cost: The cost of organic food is comparatively much higher than conventional food due to expensive farming practices and also lower crop yields.
  • Taste: Some of you can easily identify the difference between an organic food and conventionally grown food, while others may not be able to find any difference between these two categories of food.

These are certain essential factors which must be considered while preferring organic food. Organic food is very similar to conventional, but it is believed that the fertilizers which are used in growing conventional foods can cause harm to your health (very rarely). So, try to consult your personal dietician or health care provider and take appropriate food to stay healthy and fit.