Are There Any Health Benefits With Low Fat Diet?

Low fat diet does not mean a no fat diet. Your diet should be low in fat especially with saturated fat.

Low fat diet is a healthy diet and balanced diet which includes food from all food groups.

Low fat diet does not mean healthy or less fattening. Low fat diet can be high in sugar which is not good for your health and weight.

Low fat diet means the food should also be low in sugar.

Some fats are needed for good health. Fats supply energy and essential fatty acids.

High levels of saturated fats and cholesterol are related to increased blood cholesterol levels and a greater risk for heart disease.low fat diet

But many people eat high fat foods which increases the weight and the risk of heart disease.

Low fat diet is better for low cholesterol and health. It is also good for your weight. It also prevents cancers and other diseases.

Fats, oils and snack foods that contain fat provide calories but few nutrients. Dairy products and meat are also high in fat. Choose low fat diet among these foods and include variety of fruits, vegetables and grain products.

There are saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fats raises blood cholesterol levels than other forms of fat and are not good for health. Saturated fat should be reduced to less than ten percent of calories to help lower your cholesterol levels (Calorie intake).

Saturated fats are present in meat, milk and milk products. Many baked foods also contain saturated fats. Smaller amounts of saturated fats are supplied from vegetable oils.

Sources of polyunsaturated fats are vegetable oils, nuts and high fat fish. The sources of monosaturated fats are olive and canola oils. This two types of unsaturated fats lower blood cholesterol, when they replace saturated fats in the diet (Healthy fats).

Trans fats also contain partially hydrogenated oils and animal fats. These fats are found in junk foods, fast foods, and processed foods. Therefore trans fats and saturated fats should be taken in small quantities.

Low fat diet benefits:

  • A low fat diet increases your physical activity
  • It is ideal for everyone who wants to reach their excellent weight.
  • The low fat diet lowers the blood pressure and your cholesterol level.

Low fat diet tips:

  • Avoid soft drinks and switch to water.
  • Use steamer if you have one.
  • Instead of cooking meat, grill it.
  • Avoid sauces such as mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • Add five different kinds of fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.

Before starting a low fat diet, inform your doctor or take suggestion from your doctor. Your doctor will help you in planning for low fat diet without loss of important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.