Are You On Metabolic Diet? Tips On What To Eat And What Not To Eat!

Figuring out the exact diet for those who are on metabolic diet can be difficult task, especially for those who are on stern low carb phase of metabolic diet.

Metabolic diet can be followed with two different phases and which one to start with, mainly depends on your personal choice.

If you are confident that you can adopt low carb lifestyle, then you can start with a strict low carb measurement phase.

You can continue this phase up to four weeks. If you feel that you can’t jump precisely to a low-carb diet, then you can start with a moderate carb phase of metabolic diet.Metabolic diet

Following any of these either ways, carefully monitoring your body’s response to these dietary changes and then making any necessary changes if required in your carb intake will eventually turn you up to an appropriate dietary carb level.

It is very important for you to realize that metabolic diet is not a static process; rather it is a dynamic process in which you have to actively involve in the process, in order to get best out of it.

Tips for low carb phase of metabolic diet:

  • In week days, you can try any meat. Most of you might mainly focus on pork, steak, hamburger and also other red meats in your diet. In addition to, you can also include fish, turkey, lamb and also other white meats.
  • Any kind of cheese can work well with your diet plan, but try to remember that cheese spreads, cottage and ricotta cheese are main sources for higher carbs. Brie, Monterey jack, camembert and also gruyere are sources for lower carbohydrates and also good for your metabolic diet [Low carb diet foods].
  • If you have sweet tooth, then sugar can become a problem for you. Try to use artificial sweeteners in your deserts and low carb drinks in order to fulfill your cravings for sweetness. Try to stay away from fructose and sorbitol and also make it a point that sugar free doesn’t mean carb free. So make sure to check the labels before purchasing any kind of sweet products.

These are some of the suggestions for your metabolic diet. You can follow these guidelines and remember to take advice from your dietician or health care provider, before following any kind of diet program.