Artificial Sweeteners And Obesity – What’s The Link

As skinny models try to sell you the idea that artificial sweeteners such as Splenda etc are the answer to your fitness and weight loss woes, something does not quite ring true.

In spite of the 1 calorie guarantee that a number of drinks offer, the fat is not going anywhere; so what is the real deal with artificial sweeteners and what is the artificial sweeteners – obesity connection? Why do they appear to be no help in losing weight?

Well for one, people tend to compensate calories some other way. Many tell themselves, I’m having a diet soda so I can help myself to that sinful dessert.

So any calories saved in not having a real sugar drink are negated. If artificial sweeteners are to help in weight loss, they have to be supplemented by exercise and healthy eating.

Also researchers have shown that there is a biochemical aspect that prevents weight loss when you have artificial sweeteners, because they tend to speed up the uptake of glucose from other sources the person eats along with the artificial sweetener. This shows a spike in blood sugar.

There is also the fact that artificial sweeteners seem to impact some people differently from others; so while it may help some, it may not do the same for others.