Avocado Nutrition Facts – Nutrients You Can Get From Every Bite

Do you know what’s in every bite of an avocado that you eat? You may not be aware of it but it has lot and lots of vitamins and minerals that can keep you healthy and strong. It is more than just an ingredient to a zesty guacamole and delicious green salads.  Let us know more what else this fruit has to offer by knowing about the different avocado nutrition facts.


avocado nutrition factsHigh protein content is one of the avocado nutrition facts that you should not miss. Roughly, a one cup serving of pureed avocado equals to about 2.4 grams of protein, the highest a single fruit can ever provide! That is why, babies who are starting to eat solid foods are usually advised to be given mashed avocados.

Why settle for a steak for your protein needs when you can get one from a much healthier source? No wonder, because of these astounding avocado nutrition facts, it is often dubbed as “the complete protein food”.


Another of the most important avocado nutrition facts is its high potassium content. Eating a ¼ serving of fresh avocado each day can provide you about 7% of your daily value requirement. Surprisingly, you will get the same amount of potassium from eating three bananas. However, it is more flavorful and creamy. You can puree it, mash it or simply eat it as it is.


Would you know why pregnant mothers are often advised to eat avocados? They are power packed with folate. This is one of the basic avocado nutrition facts that may not be known to many but eating a bowl each day can provide 23% of your daily value needs. Not only that, it lowers your risk to cardiovascular diseases.


Listed as one of the fruits with the highest fiber content, this one of the very important avocado nutrition facts should not be taken for granted. What does this mean? Avocados are healthy fruits that lower your blood pressure. It also aids in your body’s digestion process.

According to a research on avocado nutrition facts, eating a single fruit can give you at least 10% of the fiber your body needs daily. Thus, saying goodbye to heart diseases begins with a serving of this fruit each day.

B Vitamins

You want to feel more energized everyday? Grab a slice of avocado and power up. The B vitamins in avocados are very critical in energy production. Not to be disregarded as a significant avocado nutrition facts, this fruit is very rich in B vitamins that when eaten regularly, can provide one’s much needed daily requirements.

Vitamin E

Do you have a high regard for your skin? Well, if you want to have that healthy glow in your skin, why not try having avocados in your diet? The vitamin E in avocados are believed to be effective in skin treatment. Interestingly, one important avocado nutrition facts men should know is that the Vitamin E in this fruit is believed to improve sperm count and mobility. Thus, it is good for those with infertility problems.

Knowing these important avocado nutrition facts will make you appreciate this fruit more. Above all, there  are lots of ways to prepare them making your every meal a pleasant one.