Top 3 Benefits To Reap With South Beach Diet

The famous South Beach Diet is created and designed by cardiologist Arthur Agatston M. D along with dietician Marie Almon. Though it was previously designed to help patients relive and reduce the risks of attaining heart diseases, it later became an extremely popular dietary regime for anyone who wishes to reduce their weight.

Dr. Arthur Agatston has reported that he came up with the idea of this diet back in the 1990s when he was quite disillusioned with the whole idea of high carbs and low fat diet. He thought that these diets were not up- to – the mark for long term betterment.

Hence, with extensive research and trails, he came up with the south diet in 2003. This commercial diet plan was based on the concept of low carbohydrate consumption and the theory of glycemic index.

Hence, the benefits are very obvious. Check out why you need to rely on this diet.

south beach diet

1. Lose Weight

Increased weight is a concern on everybody’s mind. In this era of showbiz and increased work load, you just can’t afford to be unfit. But frankly, going to gym and taking in medicines is not an option. You need to put your trust in diets and what better diet than the south beach diet?

Since the south beach diet is full of healthy lean proteins, fiber rich carbohydrates as well as good fat, it gives the effect of satiety, as well as becomes appetizing. So you tend to not gain weight even while you are eating to your heart’s content.

The trick is not to eat less but to eat the right things. South beach diet is filled with so much goodness; it naturally helps you to lose the extra inches. Besides, the combination of carbohydrates used helps to raise the body’s blood sugar level.

2. Maintain Cholesterol Levels

South beach diet was designed primarily to maintain the cholesterol level and reduce risks of heart diseases. You might ask what the difference is between the south beach diet’s effect and any other diet’s effect. Well, there is a difference between a low fat diet and a low carbohydrate diet.

While following a low carbohydrate diet, there is a certain amount of decrease in the total cholesterol level and the LDL cholesterol level, but the decrease isn’t as great as when you follow a low fat diet plan. For a low carbohydrate diet, the HDL levels and the amount of good cholesterol rise as well as face a bigger drop in triglycerides.

3. Modify Your Lifestyle

However, just eating healthy won’t do you good. You also need to live healthy. With daily intake of this diet you also need to do exercises now and often.

And because south beach diet also encourages proper eating habits, you won’t realize until good and healthy foods are all you eat. This also keeps in check that you are never hungry, and so you get renewed energy levels and feel less of the fatigue you are a prisoner to.

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