Complete Recipe for Better Abs after 40

Regardless we are men or women, a perfectly fit middle section is always a powerful tool for our self-confidence. A lot of men and women are determined to have superb abs even in their 40’s but most of them lack the will and stamina to workout. Here is the best recipe you should try to look as good as you want.

Gender tailored workout

It is a fact that abdominal muscle react differently to a workout in case of men and women. This difference increases more with age and this is why it is very important to focus on gender specific workouts.

Complete Recipe for Better Abs

For guys may work to take supplements ,do weight lifting and strength training but for ladies training only the midsection will offer very poor results.

Guys – not ripped but super toned

Most of theguys are fond of the idea of cool looking ripped abs. Still, in case you are not fitness addicts and you would rather share a beer with your pals than sweat at the gym you should put the “washboard” image out of your mind.

The truth is that there are a lot of tools out there which will promise you amazing results. However…in case you let yourself go, you have a beer gut and very little muscle training experience, no “ab ripping” supplements or miracle ab workout machine will quick fix your problem.

You can’t eat anything

The truth is that after 40 your metabolism doesn’t speed but rather slows. Everything you eat counts and even more every boot camp training you used to have while younger to fix the food damage, can get you severely injured.

The very smart choice is moderation in eating, drinking and working out.

Best exercise plan

Standing cable rotational Pull to Push is one of the best after 40 workouts to have for your abs. This strength rotational exercise works the core muscles intensively by transferring a powerful rotating push all the way from hips to shoulders, toning the entire upper body with focus on the abs.

Gym exercises like low pulley rows, split squats and deadlifts are perfect for the task. Also, the exercises you can do anywhere like running, riding a bike and crunches are part of the training solution for guys in their 40’s.

Ladies – lean and fabulous fitness routines

The good news about ladies, is that they can use the same training exercises they did in their twenties to have a fabulous toned middle section.

The female body is more prone to gather fat tissue in the lower abs area . This happens because pelvic girdle becomes a lot looser and weaker with age especially for women who gave birth.

Diet or  lean eating

90% of the women out there were at least once on a diet. For some women dieting is a way of life and this is why women don’t find it hard to eat less and healthy in order to look good.

What exercise can help your abs?

Tree planks and power pledges are wonderful for the ladies looking for abs training which will make the entire body look good.

Squats and crunches but also torso waves and pelvic floor training are also part of the right recipe to try for lean looking body and toned mid-section in your 40’s.