Consider the Size of Your Plate to Eat Healthy

A recently published article speaks about a person’s experience that reveals how serving sizes and consequently waists have increased in size in recent times – moving into an apartment dating a hundred years ago, the writer found that contemporary sized dinner plates wouldn’t fit into the older style of cabinets; they were just too big!

serving sizesAs a direct consequence of super sizing just about everything, including the size of food portions that we eat, we have done a disservice to entire generations who now think nothing about eating enormous quantities with the consequence that we now have a populace with more overweight than ever before in our history.

It is becoming increasingly evident that portion control is a key factor when it comes to fitness and good health – we have simply got used to eating too much at a sitting. Consider a serving of pasta that many routinely have – 4 cups; which is just too much food!

Most of us have meals that consist mainly of carbs and meat, when in fact you should be having no more meat than a portion the size of a deck of cards. Team this with plenty of steamed veggies or salads and you have a meal portion that is not small, but is nutritious and good for you!