Diet And Exercise For Your Health

You are overweight and want to lose weight by following a diet plan? But is diet plan enough for losing weight?

If you want to be fit and healthy and aiming for weight loss, following diet is not the only way.

Along with diet, you have to plan exercise workouts to keep yourself health and fit.

You have to plan exercise workouts time schedule and diet plan with low fat and cholesterol foods.

Your body requires fat, cholesterol, calories and carbohydrates. You have to take limited amounts of these things.

Along with these you have to do exercises to control fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and

Many people plan for healthy living only with diet. They don’t plan for exercise workouts. Every one has their limitations to plan for exercise.

Some of them may be busy with their work schedules, some of them feel very weak to workout and some of them may be suffering with one or the other diseases.

You consult your physician about your problems so that they can suggest a healthy plan with diet and exercise.

On an average, a person consumes 2400 calories per day. Some of them exceed the amount of calories consumed per day. Based on the amount of calories consumed, you have to spend the calories by doing physical activities. If your metabolism is slow, you cannot burn the required no. of calories which are consumed. If you are fit and healthy, then you don’t find it difficult to burn those calories.

To function your body properly, calories are needed. The number of calories required for a person is determined by energy levels. The Basal Metabolic Rate determines the energy levels and the amount of calories required for an individual. The calories are burned by pumping of blood, respiration and body temperature.

Body fats are required for the body as it makes your body to function properly and fat is the percentage the body contains. Your body contains ten percent of fat in your weight. Suppose if you weigh hundred, ten percent of it is fat.

Fat controls the temperature of your body and insulates the tissues and organs as it is the chief supporting system for your body to work properly.

Carbohydrates are nothing but sugar and starches. There are two types of carbohydrates: low fibered carbohydrates and high fibered carbohydrates. High fibered carbohydrates cannot be easily digested as low fibered carbohydrates. Low fibered carbohydrates include tomatoes, squash, cereal and grain. Broccoli is the high fibered carbohydrate but it is useful in reducing diabetes, arthritis, cancers and hypertension.

There are two types of cholesterol: LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. High amount of LDL cholesterol and low amount of HDL cholesterol are bad for your health. LDL cholesterol is considered as bad cholesterol and HDL is considered as good cholesterol.

You have to reduce bad cholesterol and take only the good cholesterol which is required for your body. If you are consuming red meat, eggs, margarine, then you are consuming bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is produced by the body naturally. But if you are consuming excess cholesterol again, it enters into your digestive system, passes through circulatory system and finally reaches the blood. When it reaches the blood, it will cause the artery walls to clog and leads to heart attack.

If you think that burning calories help you lose weight, it is not correct. Because if you burn calories and consume more amounts of fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol, you cannot lose weight, instead you gain weight.

So watch your diet how much amount of fat, carbohydrates, calories and cholesterol you are consuming. Along with diet, you have to plan regular exercise workouts. Without workout, the fat will store in your body and make you overweight and unhealthy. Therefore both diet and exercise are necessary to stay fit and healthy.