Diet and Nutrition for Obese Children

Obesity among children and youth is increasing immensely, which is being considered by the modern scientists and doctors as a health problem that needs immediate attention. Though parents and adults are highly concerned about their children’s health, then why is obesity a problem primarily in well to do and well educated households? The answer will be obviously improper food habit and lack of knowledge regarding the right food quantity.

Hence to assist your child to the path of losing weight, you can start reading this article and begin with small changes in their food habits. This should be incorporated in the whole family to encourage your child follow right diet in long run. Following the subsequent guidelines provided by the experts of the Health Resources and Service Administration, CDC and the American Medical Association – here is how an obese child should be guided with diet and nutrition –

nutrition for obese childrenFocus on Veggies and Fruits

Fruits and veggies are very helpful if you want to curdle down your kids overweight. Try to present your serving in an interesting and a decorative manner to attract your children toward it. Remember that you should serve at least five serving to your loved one. To be more interesting you can try with a dip while serving fruits or vegetables to them. Mixed fruit chats will surely be loved by them as well as it will be healthier.

Avoid Sugared Beverages

Sugared beverages like soda, energy drinks or sports drinks and fruit punches are regarded as high calorie beverages. You should keep away all these pattern beverages from your child if you want to save him/her from the adverse effects of obesity. Never forget to follow the slow but steady rule while curdling down the amount of sugary drinks per day.

Limit the Habit of Drinking 100% Juice

While it has been considered that fruit juice are highly comprised of different vitamins, minerals and other nutritional values, it has also been proved that they consist of high calories than you realize. To prevent consumption of extra calories you should limit the amount of drinking 100% juice to your children. Research shows that 8 ounces for older kids and 6 ounces for young kids will be enough for nutritional purpose.

Build up a Habit of Eating Breakfast Regularly

Though we have a misconception that starving can be beneficial towards the process of losing weight, but the fact says it can lead you more to gain weight. This method is also applicable for your children’s health. Hence they should start their day with a healthy and heavy breakfast. If your child does not have the time to have breakfast on the table you can try with something that can be taken on the way like peanut butter with toasted bread.

Indulge yourself to Prepare Food at Home

While preparing food at home you can choose what you want to put in it and make it healthier for both of your family and children. Inspite of going to restaurants you can prepare those for your child’s health at home with the help of available recipes on internet.

Before applying the aforesaid process to your child’s daily agenda never forget to consult with your pediatrician as every child has their own requirements and capability.

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