Eat Right And Stay Young!

All of you might have heard the popular saying i.e. “you are what you eat”.

Yes it’s true! And it is applicable for your entire body i.e. from your hair to toe.

By consuming the right food which is necessary for you according to your age and weight, you will stay fit and fine without any health problems. Good food also makes you to look more beautiful and young.

Here are some foods which make you to look beautiful and young:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Dairy foods
  • Sweet potatoesEat Right And Stay Young

Citrus fruits: Collagen is the needed component for your body which is present in citrus fruits. It makes your skin look young and smooth. The various citrus fruits available in the market are Clementine, leech lime, grape fruit, mandarin, sweety, tangerine, kumquat, minneola, tangelo, lemon, orange, rough lemon, pummelo, lime, Satsuma, ugli, bears seedless lime, Mexican lime, rangpur lime, kafir (kieffer/thai/wild) lime, calamondin, eureka lemon, Lisbon lemon, meyer lemon, Eustis lime quat, minneola tangelo, dancy tangerine, Satsuma mandarin, Clementine mandarin, Fremont mandarin, kumquat, Robertson navel orange, Washington navel orange, trovita orange, Valencia orange, jaffa orange, sanguinelli blood orange, moro blood orange, marsh seedless grapefruit, rio red grapefruit, oro blanco grapefruit, star ruby grapefruit, etc.

Tomatoes: Vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium will be more in tomatoes. These vitamins and potassium makes your skin to attain the radiant glow and also makes you to look younger than your age.

Garlic: Garlic works great for your skin. It acts as an anti wrinkle cream and reduces the aging wrinkles. It also restores your skin tissues by combating with the wrinkles. Your skin looks shiny, smooth and soft by consuming garlic.

Dairy foods: Dairy foods are helpful to make your teeth strong and your smile bright. Low fat yogurt, low fat cheese and skim milk are the best dairy foods which makes your teeth stronger and healthy.

Sweet potatoes: Vitamin A, which is essential to promote smooth and clear skin is present in sweet potatoes. Your skin looks more attractive and younger with this food.

Other than these things, proper diet is also a necessary aspect. In appropriate diet makes you to become fatter and unhealthy. Your skin will also be affected with unhealthy food. Your skin looks peeled and older if you consume the same unhealthy diet continuously for long period of time.

With that peeled or unhealthy skin [Maintianing Healthy Skin], you look too older than your age. So, follow proper diet which is essential for you according to your age, height and weight. Proper diet can help your skin look younger and attractive.