Fitness Nutrition – The Real Secret To Stay Fit And Lean!

You might have wondered after seeing people on television with lean bodies and firm shape.

You are just listening to the reports that tell how to stay fit and lean, but you are missing the real secret to stay fit and lean.

Fitness nutrition is important to stay lean and fit.

First, breakfast is important nutrition of the day and when you miss the breakfast, you are enhancing your body’s ability to avoid lean and fitness.

Fitness nutrition is important that your body needs. Exercise also keeps your body lean and healthy. You have to avoid harmful chemicals and substances which can cause your body harm, affecting the important organs in your body, decreasing your chance of staying healthy and having a lean body.Nutrition and Fitness

A meal after workout can enhance your body’s function, since exercising before eating can affect muscle glycogen depleting and increasing your hydrocortisone levels, finally breaking down your muscle tissues. If you eat a healthy diet with carbohydrates and proteins after your workout, it will reverse the effect your workout had on your body.

Fitness nutrition amino acid repairs the body’s muscles and when this nutrient is affected, it harms the body. When you take fitness nutrition such as carbohydrates combined with proteins, you are re-issuing your body’s level of amino acid required to function properly.

By selecting a meal that consists of carbohydrates combined with proteins, you can promote your insulin spike from pancreas which in turn shuttles nutrients into the muscle cells. It depends on your body type and weight. The most part of your post-workout meal should consist of 300-350 calories.

After your workout, if you feel hungry, it means your body is losing something and in order to get back you have to replace it with what it lost. Your body is loosing calories and fat, while your cholesterol, carbohydrates and other nutrients are also affected. Your body needs to maintain certain levels of food nutrition to remain stable.

You have to take proper fitness nutrition to feel good, stay lean and live longer. If you don’t have access to fitness nutrition, you can invest in some of the nutritional drinks from the market. The fat in post workout fitness nutrition meal should be less. Fat slows the absorption of the meal and it can do three types of damage to the body.

Fat suffocates the body’s tissues by depriving them of oxygen. Fat raises level of cholesterol and uric acid in your tissues. When uric acid and cholesterol levels are raised by fat, it can lead to atherosclerosis and gout.

The carbohydrate metabolism in your body is obstructed by the fat and any mixture of irregular conditions typified by the secretion and excretion of excessive amount of urine. This condition is called diabetes. Therefore avoiding too much fat can keep you lean and save your life.

Fitness nutrition of carbohydrates and proteins if consumed too much can cause harm. You have to stay within calorie range and prevent overeating.