Go Fat to Fab With Flexitarian Diet

Recently the great buzz about weight has given rise to several strategies about diet. Everyone yearns to follow a diet that gives them the perfect body to flaunt and fit into their favorite dresses. So girls, why don’t you go for flexitarian diet and see the magical results within few weeks?

Flexitarian Diet

If you break the word ‘flexitarian’ i.e; flexible and vegetarian, it might slightly give you the idea that which items from the food chain does it include. This diet does not exclude meat from your platter completely but keeps it restricted and gives you the perfect diet that you need. It is very healthy and keeps your body healthy and fit and is popularly addressed as ‘Semi vegetarian diet plan’.

It’s been said that the ones who do not consume meat are the ones who have less weight in comparison to the carnivores. Keep in mind that consuming veggies is the best way to reduce your calories. But it doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon meat, if the urge runs down through your veins, you can munch a chicken burger or a steak.

What does Flexitarian Diet Include?

Lentils, peas, nuts, eggs, grains, wheat, fruits, veggies (of course), dairy and meat (tofu or boiled chicken) are the food items that is included in this kind of diet. All of these contain calories but again there’s a way of deciding how much to eat. It’s a 3-4-5 regimen for you to remember easily i.e; in breakfast 300 calories, lunch 400 calories and dinner 500 calories. Depending on your weight, you can cut off calorie intake. So if you follow this diet daily, the calorie intake rounds up to 1200 calories per day but you can go up to 1500 calories.

With this diet, you need to exercise a bit to get the results successfully. Following this diet, you might doubt, if at all you are actually succeeding but in fact, you are cutting your calories swiftly without adding any meat to your diet.

Benefits of Flexitarian Diet

Dieting always works in a place if you follow it regularly but there are also cases where people fall sick and face bad immunity system problems. But there’s no room for fear in flexitarian diet as besides keeping you healthy it offers other benefits as well:

The first and foremost benefit of this kind of diet is that you can be on a healthy and fat reduction diet even while enjoying your meat, fish and other non vegetarian dishes in small quantities.

It the easiest to prepare – the mediums of cooking the foods in this diet are roasting, boiling, grilling or baking. None of these take much time and are hassle free ways of cooking.

This diet does not cost too much and they can also be made quickly with your own recipes.

Flexitarian diet uses abundance of veggies, thus you will stay full for a longer period of time and thus it means less meals and lesser urge for food.

Photo Credit By: findingdulcinea.com