10 Food Items for a High Protein Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is necessary for providing energy and satisfying your appetite.  The best breakfast is considered to be the one which combines good carbs and fibres. Here is a list of some best breakfast foods for giving a kick-start to your day.

  • Cereal

Cereals are available in many different types. However, the best combination among them can be of whole-grain or bran cereals. They are fortified with a considerable amount of riboflavin and folic acid.

  • Oatmeal

Oats contain beta-glucan which is a type of fiber that helps you to lower cholesterol when the intake is regular. Apart from this, Oats are rich in folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium. To have them in the healthiest way you can simply sweeten your bowl of milk and oats with a bit of honey and some fruit and nuts.

10 Food Items for a High Protein Breakfast

  • Flaxseed

You can always choose to sprinkle ground flaxseed while making a smoothie or bowl full of cereal to turn it into a breakfast rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Also, Flaxseed has a nutty flavor and is rich in lignan and fiber. Lignan is an antioxidant which helps you protect against breast cancer.

  • Greek yogurt

It is a tangy and creamy yogurt which is loaded with plenty of calcium and boasts of protein nearly twice the regular yogurt. You can take it the way you like for providing yourself a healthy and tasty breakfast.

  • Wheat germ

As little as two tablespoons can provide about 15% of the necessary vitamin E that is recommended on daily basis. You can eat it simply by combining it with any meal you want, like sprinkling it over the cereal or stirring it into yogurt or mixing it into a smoothie.

  • Cantaloupe

Intake of any fruit is a good option for your breakfast. However, you need to pair them up with other eatables like cereals, eggs, oat meals etc. Among them, cantaloupe contains just 50 calories and complete recommended intake of vitamin C and vitamin A.

  • Grapefruit

Are you looking forward to losing weight? Then eating half a grapefruit before every meal can help you slim down even faster. Grapefruit is quite hydrating, filling and packed with plenty of immunity-boosting antioxidants. In order to have a complete breakfast, you can pair it with proteins like yogurt or eggs.

  • Kiwi

Kiwi is a fuzzy little fruit which is considered to have about 65 milligrams of vitamin C per serving. It is considered to be rich in potassium and copper. Kiwis are known to be slightly tart. If you are looking for a sweeter flavor then you can always try to mix them with strawberries or bananas.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a part of the healthy source of protein and nutrients intake. However, it has been reported that eggs supply about 60% of cholesterol to your body. Therefore, if overall your diet contains lean proteins and is free of too much of fat then eggs can be great for the morning meal.

  • Banana

Nothing beats banana when it comes to “grab-and-go” feasibility. For turning it into a complete protein-rich diet you can combine it with cottage cheese and have a whopping 28 grams of protein added to your morning meal.