Food Nutrition To Control And Lose Weight Healthily At Forty Plus!

Food nutrition helps in losing weight at the age of 40s.

You may have confusion which type of food nutrition you have to follow to lose weight.

Here are the some of the guidelines to follow food nutrition.

Food Nutrition:

  • Eat vegetables half to one cup servings thrice a day.
  • Eat two fruits daily, three or more fruits are even better.
  • Eat lean protein minimum two servings per day. The lean protein includes nuts, turkey, beans, and tofu.
  • Eat whole grains six servings per day. Whole grains include whole wheat flour, brown rice nutrition
  • Eat healthy fat oils one to two table spoons per day. Healthy fat oils include soy, corn oil and olive oil.
  • Eat fat free dairy products or calcium fortified dairy products two to three servings per day. This includes soy milk, fat free milk, soy yogurt etc.

This food nutrition helps you to lose weight and feel great. If you want to lose weight even easier, use 10 to 35% calories from lean protein, 45 to 65% calories from carbohydrates and 20 to 35% calories from fat.

The rest of the calories should be taken evenly from vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

Carbohydrates in food nutrition:

Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain and whole wheat products with fruits and vegetables are wonderful food nutrition. These carbohydrates boost your energy levels for exercise and provide a lot of heart healthy fiber.

These make you feel full right away. Refined carbohydrates makes people fat. These make your blood sugar rise very quickly. Your body enters into panic mode and dumps a bunch of insulin on it to restore balance.

Your sugar level drops quickly and you start craving for sugary and fatty foods. Cut the refined carbohydrates and it will be easier to eat less [Low carbohydrate diet].

Proteins in food nutrition:

You need protein but not much enough. If you eat more protein than you need, your body is forced to get rid of the excess. Your body pulls calcium out of your bones and uses that to flush out the protein. So keep your protein not more than 35% of your calories.

Food nutrition guidelines:
How to make all the health guidelines work for you? How to add fruits, vegetables, and grains to your life? Find out the food nutrition guidelines.

Food nutrition in breakfast:
Include 3 grams of fiber or more in your cereal and less than 8 grams of sugar. The cereals that can be used are all bran, shredded wheat, soymilk or fat free milk. The other breakfast foods are Canadian bacon, one piece of fruit or oatmeal made with milk.

Food nutrition in lunch:
Eat two vegetables, 1 protein and two carbohydrate servings in your lunch. Chinese food includes brown rice, steamed vegetables and either tofu or chicken.

American food includes baked potato with vegetarian chilli, salad with beans and lean protein, sandwich with whole grain bread, lean meat and plenty of vegetables.

Food nutrition in dinner:
The dinner should be light meal with a bit more protein than carbohydrates. Eat two vegetables, two servings of protein and one carbohydrate.

Following food nutrition is not hard if you keep the right foods in your house. You can have a healthy eating plan with food nutrition.