7 Foods Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Diet in 2014

With the spring just around the corner we begin to worry for our swimsuit silhouette and turn to drastic diet cuts. First candidates on the list are famous fatty foods like sweets, pork chops and bread. But you will be amazed to know that there are a whole lot of dishes often overlooked which can cause weight gain. So be ready to find out what foods you need to say goodbye for a slim figure.

Dehydrated Fruits

White Flour

Our first overlooked food item is the white flour which can raise your blood sugar level. Replace it with whole grains. For a tasty and healthy breakfast toast a slice of whole grain bread and add some peanut butter or honey.


Fruity yogurt is a danger for your curves – it may fool your desire for sweets, but it ruins your diet. Replace it with a plain Greek yogurt which is extra creamy and diet-safe. For a sweet touch add a bunch of fresh fruits or honey.

Dehydrated Fruits

Dried fruits may seem the perfect choice for a healthy snack, but they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Not only they became unhealthy, but they also became a nutritional calorie bomb. Stick to fresh fruits and slice them into pieces and you’ll have a healthy snack wherever you go.

Diet Soda

This diet product is anything but diet. 0 calories sign equals with loads of artificial sweeteners and can lead to type 2 diabetes. Replace it with green tea or stewed fruit.


Caffeine is a cunning drink: it gives you the fake impression that you are wide awake and full of energy, while it “helps” you pack those calories due to sleep deprivation. If you can’t divorce your morning coffee, try to drink it dark. Other diet-friendly drinks like tea or water are welcomed.


Pretzels are made out of white flour and salt, which help your body accumulate unnecessarily water in tissues. You should turn to sodium free products such as popped popcorn and homemade kale chips instead.

Cocktails and Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is very often overlooked by many as a potential weight-gainer. But the truth is  that tasty sweet cocktails and beers are fervent diet-bombs. A glass of wine drank with a healthy meal does no harm, but it should be just one. And give up on artificial mixes which are rich in calories.

As we often turn to comfort food like milkshakes and cheeseburgers or we just erase known fatty meals off our diet we can gain weight from those hidden diet crashers. To stay fit be sure to avoid the above-mentioned delights and work your way to the gym for a healthy and slender body.