How to Give Your Children Healthy Foods To Eat?

In this generation where most foods are ordered, taken out and pre-packed, can we say that we are giving our children healthy foods to eat? Are you not alarmed at the increasing rate of obesity among children in the United States?

nutritional foods to eat

Healthy eating among our school children should be on top of our priorities. Giving them healthy foods to eat must come first. However, do we really know what to give them? Here are some helpful tips on your different food choices:

  • The lesser the sugar, the better. If you intend to give your  kids healthy foods to eat, then you should stop feeding them with cookies wrapped in foils, ice cream, juices on tetra packs that scream nutritious. These foods are loaded with so much sugar which translates into calories.
  • Put a halt to salt. Too much salt is not good for the health. It increases one’s risk for heart diseases. Thus, if you are on the lookout for healthy foods to give your children, never consider buying potato chips and anything that is junk. They come in cans too.
  • Processed food should be assessed. Watch out because most of the American families have processed foods on their tables especially during breakfasts. Sadly, hotdogs, hams, bacons and other processed foods are never healthy. These are not the kinds of healthy foods to eat that must be served on your dining tables. They have lots of chemicals and preservatives on them.
  • Quality protein should be in. Growing children need all the protein that they can get. These healthy foods to eat are found in turkey, chicken, fish, soya products, tofu and legumes. Of course, there must always be a variaton of sorts.
  • Breakfast power up. Breakfasts must never be missed. It is in fact the most important meal of the day. Load up on a lot of carbohydrates from whole grains, cereals, pasta and oats. Remember, not everything that comes from a cereal box is healthy. Again, check the label and look for one which has less sugar and salt content.
  • Freshen up. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essentials and must haves in your fridge and tabletops. Why settle for a pizza delivery if they can get their snacks straight from the fridge? Serve sliced fruits and raw vegetable sticks with a low-fat dressing on the side. They are more flavorful and healthy.
  • Be creative. Children love eating foods that look good to the eyes. Put that creativity into action and whip up simple menus with smiley faces out of oranges. Probably, you can have garden salads with slices of carrot flowers and brocolli trees. Serve fruit smoothies instead of concentrated juices.

  • Set an example. Children imitate what they see. If they see you gobbling down a bowl of mixed vegetables, most likely that they will too.

Well, there are a hundred and one ways of serving your children healthy foods to eat. All it takes is a little effort and a dab of love to make the most nutritious meals.