Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats Are Still Around

We have all been bombarded with information about why hydrogenated vegetable fats, or trans fats are really bad for health because they clog arteries and cause obesity and all sorts of health problems.

They are so terrible for us, and have no redeeming feature, and yet trans fats are to be found in any number of products that line the super market shelves.

Research has shown us that hydrogenated fats are actually toxic to the body since they cannot be broken down and accumulate in the body. They are in fact much like eating candles wax, and yet they are widely used by manufacturers – they lurk in numerous products that we consume.

The use of this ingredient that is so highly damaging to our health is inexplicable until you realize the reason behind its widespread use: it adds nothing to the taste, but increases the shelf life of products and succeeds in turning a profit for food manufacturing companies.

It is not just packaged products, but use in restaurants is also rampant. The fried chicken and the side of fries that you enjoy so much are also fried in this evil cooking medium.

So when it comes to trans fats you need to be really vigilant, and avoid the in the interests of your heart, health and your waistline!