Improve Your Mood And Health With Good Mood Food!

Good mood food improves your mood and health in different ways.

If anyone asks you which food you like the most an apple or a chocolate?

Then most of you might answer as a chocolate because it is the most lovable food, which has more number of lovers.

Do you know one fact about chocolate? It is the good mood food which makes you to improve your mood and feel active. But, while buying the chocolate, you have to check how much cocoa is present in it.

The chocolate which has 70% of cocoa helps to improve your mood where as the chocolate which has less cocoa percent will not be that much helpful to improve your mood.Good mood food

Does cocoa can reduce the cholesterol content in your body? The chocolate which has 70% of cocoa will have the capacity to fight against the cholesterol causing antioxidants in your body.

Cocoa is the component which will be derived from the seed of the cocoa tree. This cocoa is the essential constituent which is required for manufacturing a real chocolate.

Improve your cardiovascular health with cocoa! Your cardiovascular health will also be boosted by cocoa as it contains rich antioxidant compounds and flavonoids. [Antioxidant Vitamins]

These rich flavonoids and antioxidant components improves the blood flow in your body by relaxing the blood vessels, so your total cardiovascular health will get boosted by this action.

Can bad cholesterol (LDL) reduced with cocoa? The bad cholesterol (LDL) contents are responsible for the growth of plague in your body. The added advantage with cocoa is: it can be able to fight against the bad cholesterol (LDL). Certainly your body stays in healthy state if you don’t have bad cholesterol or LDL.

So, be selective while eating the chocolates. Prefer dark chocolates instead of normal chocolates because these chocolates will have more cocoa content when compared to other normal chocolates.

Other than cocoa some other good mood foods which help to soothe your stressed out nerves are bananas, baked potatoes with skin, yellow fin tuna, avocados, fat free milk, clams, salmon, fat free yogurt, chickpeas, oatmeal, lentils, asparagus, spinach, Tofu, sunflower seeds, wild rice, almonds, orange juice, strawberries, red and green peppers and broccoli.