Liquid Vitamin Absorption Faster Than Other Vitamin Forms!

The supplements available before were pills and tablets only. Now, vitamins are available in liquid form also.

Once the liquid vitamin is swallowed, the absorption starts immediately.

Liquid vitamin can be easily absorbed into the blood stream when they enter into the body because there is no need to break down a solid.

The liquid vitamin absorption is faster than the vitamin pills, as pills consist of fillers, binders, and preservatives to give pill its shape and longer shell life.

All the vitamins we use in daily life are available in liquid form: vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C and K etc. Liquid vitamins contain antioxidants just as other vitamin supplements.Liquid Vitamins

Choosing liquid vitamin! People choose liquid vitamin as an alternative as they don’t like the taste of pills or don’t like to swallow and digest.

Children and aged people always prefer liquid vitamin instead of pills. They are available in different flavors and when combined with other nutrients, they make a source of nutrition.

Why to incorporate vitamins in daily life? Fruits and vegetables consist of proper amount of vitamins and minerals, but you don’t get enough nutrients from them alone.

So, it is not like you should not incorporate these foods into your diet. Eating the right foods never replace the supplements.

To get proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you need to take supplements also. Using liquid vitamins improves your health and quality of life.

Your body absorbs all the required nutrients from liquid vitamins. The absorption rate of liquid vitamins is 98 percent compared to absorption of pills which is 10 to 20 percent.

The reason for the absorption of liquid vitamin is they bypass the digestive process and get absorbed into the blood stream and into the cell. The digestive system ahs to work hard for the absorption of vitamin pills into your body.

Some drawbacks with liquid vitamins! Vitamins and minerals do not keep their potency in liquid form. Therefore, liquid form has shorter life span than pills.

Some of the enzymes cannot be included in liquid vitamins because they last only for a day or so. The effectiveness of enzymes can be retained in pills.

According to some claims, vitamin absorption takes place at the beginning of the small intestine but the contents of liquid vitamins is destroyed by stomach acids before they reach the intestine. Pills are coated to keep them from dissolving completely before reaching the small intestine.

There are advantages and disadvantages with liquid vitamins. Read the labels to know the ingredients of the supplements and follow the instructions given on it. Consult your doctor before using any vitamin supplements.

Your doctor prescribes after investigating whether liquid vitamins are suitable for your health. If you have any other health and medical conditions, it is better to explain it to your doctor.