Live Longer And Stay Healthy With Diet And Exercise

Diet and exercise are the key points to live longer, look younger and stay healthy.

There are no substitutes to stay healthy other than these factors.

You may be a teenager, an adult, or an aged person, if you follow diet and exercise regularly, you can stay healthy and look younger.

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) is the source which controls our body. It gives strength, firmness to skin, high libido and youthful look.

But as we grow older, human growth hormones decrease or stop production. You need amino acids which stimulates the pituitary gland in your brain to maintain human growth hormone

The function of pituitary gland is to enforce maturation, growth and metabolism. As many factors decrease growth and health, healthy diet plays an important role in improving health.

Your body needs fat, cholesterol, proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates to stay healthy. But only diet is not important to stay healthy, you have to exercise.

Exercising makes your body to burn more number of calories. If you are not following diet and exercise, you may suffer with health problems like diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

You have to plan diet and exercise to keep yourself healthy. Decide what is your goal and stick to achieve that goal. Plan how to achieve the goal. If you want to lose weight, what you have to do. If you are planning for fitness, decide what diet and exercise program you have to follow.

Keep a goal and work towards that goal to achieve it. Healthy diet includes low protein, fat, and low cholesterol foods and high fiber food. Include vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Healthy diet:

Include fruits and vegetables and high soluble fiber in your meal. Soluble fibers include beans, potatoes, fruits, rice, oranges, strawberries and bananas. Include whole grain products such as barley, wheat, brown rice and oats in your diet as they improve your health and maintain weight.

Include raw vegetables such as salads, yellow vegetables and cooked greens. Consume citrus fruits daily. You should not prefer fruit drinks rather fresh fruit is healthy.

Use minimum protein. Meat should be lean and low in fat. Low fat and low cholesterol meat contains vitamin B12, so it should be consumed once in a week. Take time to chew the food. Drink plenty of water as water is the best source to keep healthy.


Aerobic exercises are the best way to increase the amount of calories you burn. They also increase your heart rate and improve cardiovascular system. The exercises include walking, running, swimming, cycling and jogging.

You select the exercises which you are interested to workout and include in your diet and exercise plan. Apart from these aerobic exercises, you can do stretching exercises. You can include simple exercises in your diet and exercise plan to stay healthy. Instead of lift, you can take stairs at home or office. You can go for shopping without a vehicle if the store is not far away. You can park your vehicle away from the entrance in the parking lot. You can take a walk around the office in the coffee break.

Following diet and exercise helps you live longer and stay healthy. But you should not stop following diet and exercise after few days. You should have patience in following the program as you can see the results slowly. Once you are habituated to it, it will be easier for you.