Low Calorie Diet Side Effects

Healthy diet with regular exercise is the best way to stay mentally and physically fit. As obesity is widely spreading all across the globe and people suffering from obesity are tying every possible way to get rid of the extra weight. We can find numerous low calorie diet plans that claim to bring us a quick weight loss in very less time, but these quick weight losses have their own side effects that cannot be ignored.

Low Calorie Diet Side Effects

A usual low calorie diet allows you to eat 800 to 1500 calorie each day but people are trying numerous low-calorie diet plans in which they are consuming 500 or even lesser amount of calories daily to quickly shed weight in few weeks. Though with these low calories diet plans one may lose weight but there are many low calorie diet side effects as well which are mentioned below:

Side Effects of Low Calorie Diet

  • Weight Regain- The biggest drawback associated to a low calorie diet is a quick weight regain. Most of the time at the initial stage of weight loss our body does not lose any muscle weight. Initially we just shed the water weight which may come back as soon as we stop the diet plan and go back to regular eating habits. Thus if you are looking for a long term and permanent solution to your Weight gain then say a strict No-No to  low calorie crash diet plans.
  • Nutritional deficiency- Constant consumption of low calories may lead to nutritional deficiencies in body. A cup of orange juice may have higher calories than orange soda but the nutritional value of a pure juice is much higher than a carbonated drink. Most of the very low calorie diets may lead your body towards iron and calcium deficiencies since most of the low calorie diet may not contain these vital nutrients.
  • Complication of calorie counting- Calorie counting may not be a simple thing for most of us and many of us find it very hard to calculate calories before eating anything. Thus constant calorie counting may lead to disinterest and we may eventually stop the entire weight loss program.
  • Side effects on health- Very low calorie diet may make you feel fatigue and nausea. Your energy levels may go rapidly down and it may affect your personal and professional life as well. Low calorie diet may lead to long term constipation problem which may result in to gallstones.

Choose a healthy and balanced diet to obtain a sustainable weight loss and avoid all short cuts.