Low Fat Cooking To Reduce Fat Content In Your Body!

You can reduce your body weight up to some extent with low fat cooking.

You have to alter recipes, change the way of preparing foods and you should also follow the proper cooking methods to reduce the fat in the foods you prepare.

This low fat cooking will help to reduce cholesterol in your body.

The steps to alter recipes in low fat cooking are:

  • You should use skimmed milk instead of whole milk in low fat cooking.
  • You have to use fruit purees or applesauce instead of oil and butter in baked goods.
  • You should replace the heavy cream with low fat yogurt or evaporated skimmed milk in low fat cooking.Low Fat Cooking
  • Sour cream should be replaced with cottage cheese or low fat yogurt.
  • In low fat cooking you have to substitute two egg whites instead of one whole egg.

The altering way to prepare food in low fat cooking:

  • You have to trim all visible fat from meats before it is ready to prepare.
  • In low fat cooking process you should cook in nonstick pans or use cooking sprays instead of using oil or butter milk.
  • To decrease the amount of meat you consume you should add extra pasta and vegetables.
  • Reduce the amount of cheese that you add by cooking with sharp cheeses in low fat cooking process.
  • While cooking you should always mix non fat with regular cheese or with non fat cheeses.
  • Rather than oil or butter, you should make marinades with chicken stock.
  • You should chill soups, stews and stocks to remove the congealed fat present in them. After removing fat you should reheat them and use them.

Proper cooking methods or altering cooking methods in low fat cooking:

  • In low fat cooking you should always prefer to roast or grill meat on a rack so that the fat will drip away from them.
  • You should use steam vegetables in preparing various recipes. These steam vegetables will have high protein values with less fat. You can also make salads with these steam vegetables.
  • You should use more amount of water while cooking vegetables. Drain the water into a bowl and try to prepare soup with that water. This water will give necessary proteins required for your body and do not contain any fat in that.
  • Use brown meat instead of plain meat in low fat cooking process.
  • In brown meat also you have to remove the excess fat by tilting the pan and spooning it out. Paper towels can also be used to remove the fat. After removing the fat you have to rinse the brown meat with water and then reheat it.
  • You should always prefer to prepare the food in microwave. In microwave there is no necessary to add more amount of oil to become fry.
  • You should not add more amount of oil or fat contents such as cheese, butter etc in low fat cooking process.

These are the proper altering methods to change your cooking process into low fat cooking process.