New Dietary Guidelines for Americans Released

New dietary guidelines have been released by the government for the American public. While a lot of what they say is common sense and well known information, the tone is stronger this time around, and perhaps this is the impetus that obese and sedentary people need, to take charge of their health.

vegetarian dietThough much of the guidelines are not brand new information, some recently included points are the benefits of having a vegetarian lifestyle that avoids meat or even a vegan lifestyle that avoids meat and dairy to lower lifestyle disease risks and other nutritional advantages.

This is the chief difference in this edition of the guidelines, that plant based diets are overall better for Americans, particularly because of the food habits that people currently have and the high overall obesity rates in the country.

Other than that, the guidelines reiterate the facts that for becoming healthier and losing excess weight we should cut down on meal sizes and portions, eat less amounts of salt in our diet, drink more water and eat and drink less sugar. We are once again reminded to read labels. The “get active” message is reiterated as well.