No Substitutes For Fitness Exercise And Diet To Lose Weight

Now-a-days every one is cautious of being slim and looking good.

Therefore wherever we see a promo or an advertisement, we start dreaming to become slim with in no time.

As we see commonly in news papers and on a television “lose weight in no time “, is there some miracle going to happen without exercises or diet? We all know there is no such thing but we still believe.

If we believe such promos to lose weight without any exercise or diet, then it is must to consult a physician before using any drugs as every medicine we use for such cases will compulsorily have side

Let me tell you one of my own experiences with my neighbor .she was very much fond of being slim and good looking. However, she was extremely fat that she was unable to even sit or stand easily.

She visited all obesity centers, which told her she would lose her weight with in a short time. She took all sought of drugs and treatments mentioned but there was no change and she had all side effects.

One day she went to a dietician who told her not to use any medicines but stop eating excess fat food like chocolates, pastries, ice creams, fries, saturated fats, cheese, cheese burgers etc and do aerobic exercises daily and have a morning walk if possible [Healthy fats].

As the days passed she followed as she was told to do by the physician. She went for a walk when ever possible and had sugarless and low content fat free food. She did all sought of workouts she could do at home such as stretching exercises, aerobic exercises and went for cycling, jogging etc.

After one year, every one was just amazed to see her look healthy, slim and good looking. Even I was shocked to see her like that. She advised me to read a health magazine which was given to her by her dietician.

She told me that she had all wheat-based foods and fiber items, which helped her to lose the weight easily, and she told me that how sugar based things are stored in our body as fats.

Not only diet but exercises also include a major part in losing our weight. We can also get exercised while playing volley ball or basket ball and if it is across sea shores, it is very good to flatten our stomach.

Every game played or having a walk on sand like in beaches is very good for health and helps to decrease weight easily and makes our health fit. It also helps our legs and thighs to get into shape.

Through exercises and diet we can put our body faraway from cardiac based diseases like heart attacks. By reading this information, we may think that it is very easy to do such things and we can lose our weight easily but we have to follow strictly and maintain every thing while having a diet and doing exercises.

It is not a magic to happen very soon, it takes time and you should have lot of patience.

When we have a healthy body we have a healthy mind to think over. No need to plan for tedious workouts. Plan smaller workouts and keep small goals to lose weight initially. As you meet smaller goals, you can aim for larger goals. You should plan in such a way that exercises and diet should go simultaneously and regularly.

If you are exercising and not following the diet or if you are following diet and not exercising, you cannot achieve your goal of losing weight and fitness. So from this we can conclude that fitness and exercise have no substitutes.