No Sugar Diet- Surprising Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Have you still did not decide to cut sugar from your diet or not? Quitting sugar is a big challenge for many people, but if you decide to cut sugar then you are on the fast track of weight loss and better health. Consuming too much of these empty calories can affect your health in many ways. Excess intake can lead weight gain, rise up in insulin level, unhealthy metabolism and there are many chances to increase belly fat.

Why should I follow No sugar diet?

Here are few reasons why you need to cut down your sugar intake.

  • Sugar has a direct affect on weight.
  • Sugar is addictive. The more you eat the more you want to eat.
  • Sugar has no nutritive value, it has more calories.
  • Sugar can mess with your hormones.
  • Consuming excess sugar is linked to lifestyle or modern diseases.
  • Sugar affects your mental and emotional health.
  • Following sugar free diet will make you healthy and makes you feel great about yourself.

No Sugar Diet- Surprising Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Amazing Benefits of Cutting Sugar

If you want to lose weight and maintain healthy body, you need to check out these surprising benefits of quitting sugar.

  • Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

Excessive sugar intake can leads to Obesity, it is the main risk factor of hypertension or high blood pressure. Research shows that extra intake of dietary sugar can lead to weight gain and raise of blood pressure. Hypertension increases the workload of the heart arteries, which causes damage to the whole circulatory system. Ultimately, this can lead to heart diseases like heart attacks, heart stroke, artery disease, kidney damage and other cardiovascular conditions. So cutting sugar can maintain healthy blood flow.

  • Reduces Bad cholesterol

People who consume less sugar or no sugar in their diet have healthy lipid profile. Excess eaters are more likely to have lower levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and higher levels of bad cholesterol (LDL). LDL cholesterol will block the heart arteries and lead to many cardiovascular diseases. The triglycerides or blood fats are also seen in higher amounts than the non sugar consumers.

  • Healthy Brain Function

Many of us believe that sweets can eat away the teeth enamel, but many of us are not aware that excess sugar can eat away the brain power too. Consuming lots of sugar can reduce protein; impair cognitive function which is necessary for healthy brain function.

  • Reduces Depression

A study revealed that adults who consume more sugar, more than the four servings of sugar or soda per day are likely to go in depression than people who consume unsweetened tea, coffee and any other beverages. No sugar diet will help you to come out of depression and makes your mind fresh and smart.

  • Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Drinking more than two sugary beverages per day can increase the risk of becoming diabetic. Eating sugar will not lead to diabetic, but taking excess sugar will impact on insulin levels. High sugar intake like fructose, glucose or any other forms of sugar can lead to high insulin resistance. High blood sugar will lead to pre-diabetes and in future you can become diabetic.

If you have sugar cravings, finding difficulty in quitting sugar then you can satisfy your sweet tooth by consuming natural sweet food items such as fruits, milk, vegetables, yogurts, etc. All these foods have naturally occurring sugar which will not affect your weight and health.