What is the Best Post Workout Meal?

Although you are on a diet or you are really into working out, you will still need to eat, and so you might want to know about the best post workout meal.

Such a meal should include amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. You will also need some carbohydrates and protein for the repair and the growth of the muscles.

Post Workout MealOne meal after workout that is tasty and in the same time good for your health is Koo Koo Roo Delight. This dish actually consists of chicken and some mixed vegetables.

If you use four ounces of chicken breasts that are boneless and also skinless, you will get 35 grams protein and also some amounts of zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron.

There are also some other elements that your body needs, such as phosphorus, potassium, niacin and vitamin B and all of them can be found in such a dish.

Another advantage is that chicken breast includes mostly monosaturated fats. The vegetables that you should add to the meal contain fiber and carbs.

You could also add a half of sweet potato and a bit of olive oil or almonds to the vegetables.

Another really good post workout meal is the egg omlette with avocado. You should know that eggs are the best source of protein in the whole wide world. For this reason the above dish is one of the best meals after workout.

You should know about the egg yolks that are very rich in phosphatidylcholine which prevents the cholesterol and fat to accumulate in the liver. The egg yolks are also a great source of choline.

For a more consistent meal you could also add to the omlette all the vegetables that you want. It is also an interesting idea to add a few pieces of apple to it. Serve it with avocado to add some fiber and monosaturated fat.

If you are at the gym and you would like to have some good post workout nutrition, consider whey protein shake. Some say that whey protein powder is the best one out there. You could add to the powder frozen berries and water, but you could come up with just any combination that you want.

You could also add a couple of spoons of peanut butter, sliced apple, oatmeal or plain water. The whey will offer you the proteins that you need, while the berries will give you carbs.

When you are thinking about meals after workout, don’t forget about salmon, spinach and sweet potato. These are the three S’s. The wild salmon will offer your post workout meal the protein and the omega-3s that you need. Spinach comes with the vitamins and minerals while the sweet potato comes with the slow burning carbohydrates.

This meal is almost perfect. You could also add some flaxseed oil, olive oil or butter and also a small amount of almonds. Nonetheless you should be careful about the portion size.

The meals after workout are important because since you burn calories, you will get hungry and the food after workout will seem to be better than anything else, this is why you have to be careful about the post workout meal and try to keep it as healthy as possible.