Simple Foods Which Makes Your Skin Look Younger!

The best beauty secret which makes your skin look younger and smoother is hidden in your refrigerator or kitchen.

Looking great is the simple and easy task if you consume the right nutrients required for your skin.

These foods are not too expensive and they don’t have scarcity; you can get these foods in all food stores.

These are the three major foods which makes you to look beautiful:

  • Almonds
  • Proteins
  • DairyFoods that make your Skin Look Younger

Almonds: Almonds are the good source of fatty acids, the antioxidant selenium and vitamin E. This crispy snack makes your skin look smoother, younger and supple. A glow or shining will also be seen on your skin by consuming almonds regularly.

Before consuming the almonds just make a look on the portion sizes. Almonds weigh 160 calories per one single ounce i.e. a small handful. Don’t consume huge quantity daily because this is high calorie food which makes you to gain weight by over consumption.

Proteins: Are you avoiding the meat to cut back the fat? Then you are missing the great things which are present in the meat. Especially meat protein is the necessary thing which is required for your beauty. Protein makes your nails and hair stronger.

Other than the red meat, there are various lean options which make your belly full and also fuel metabolism [Boost Your Metabolism] like boneless or skinless chicken breast, tuna and lean turkey.

Protein is also available in some nuts and seeds like cashews, peanuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, soy beans, split beans etc

Dairy: All of you might know the fact i.e. you can burn your belly fat by including the low fat dairy in your diet. One more fact hidden behind this is: the low fat dairy also makes you look beautiful by promoting shinier and silkier hair.

It is true and proven; the vitamin B which is packed in these low fat dairy products is responsible for this beautiful mane. If you are unable to digest this low fat dairy products go for the other sources of vitamin B [B complex vitamin] like eggs, leafy greens and poultry.

You can make your skin look younger, shinier and smoother by consuming these foods in required amounts in your daily routine.

Be particular about quantity because more consumption of these foods can make you to increase your weight. Before consuming these foods know the particular quantity to be consumed daily and follow it regularly with out any breaks to improve your beauty.