Some Foods Can Trigger Headaches!

Find out the foods that contain tannins and tyramine, which cause allergic headaches

Many allergic headaches are food related. The type of food you take will have direct mind-body relation.

The food related headaches are sensed usually on both sides of the head.

These headaches occur within specified amount of time after the substance consumption and disappear when you eliminate that substance from the diet.

So, if you find any allergic reactions or headaches after eating some variety of foods, know that those foods are not suitable for you and certainly several reactions will takes place in your body with that unsuitable food.Foods Triggering Headache

Experts from The American Dietetic Association (ADA) did research on the foods which cause frequent headaches and allergies if they are not suitable for the person.

Out of all, the foods which cause triggering headaches in more number of people are red wine, meat, onions, olives, raisins, canned soups, chocolate, aged cheese, beer, coffee, nuts, apple juice, blackberry and tea.

All the above foods contain both or one of tannins and tyramine which causes some allergic headaches to the person if they are not suitable for him.

In order to solve this type of headaches the experts of The American Dietetic Association found one solution i.e., to avoid the food which are not suitable for you. It is a tough process to identify which foods are suitable for you and which foods are not suitable before eating them.

Keeping this in mind, don’t think extreme on the foods which you eat daily. The simple way to find those foods which are not suitable for you is to observe your health condition after eating them.

If they are suitable for you, they don’t cause any reaction to your health where as if they are not suitable for you certainly they will create some health problems and allergic reactions with in you.

The most common symptom which can be observed immediately if the food is not suitable for you is headache.

Headaches will be obtained due to several reasons like cold headache, feverish headache, headache related to site, normal headache, etc. Out of all, food headache is the headache which will affect you if the food is not suitable for you.

The one and only solution to get rid of this problem is to avoid the foods which are causing problem to you. These headaches can be eliminated by just stopping those foods which are causing problem to you, otherwise make an appointment with your doctor to know the exact reason for your headache.