Sugar Versus Corn Syrup – Which Is Less Harmful?

Remember how they told us that refined white sugar was so very bad for you? Turns out, corn syrup, the high fructose variety that lurks in numberless products that flood the market, is even worse for you! Soft drinks (but of course), soups, dressings for salads, and any number of baked products, corn syrup can be found pretty much everywhere.

corn syrupSugar is not good in itself, but at least it is better than corn syrup research has shown us.

Corn syrup is a grain derived sweetener and there is evidence to show that it can contribute to obesity more than cane sugar.

Trade barriers were what made sugar more expensive in the US, while subsidies for agriculture produced corn at ever more economic rates.

Manufacturers did what made more economic sense and replaced sugar with corn syrup.

Now, however, there is a quite counter revolution ongoing: sugar is replacing corn syrup. So popular brands such as Heinz ketchup, sports drink Gatorade and many others are now eschewing corn syrup in favor of sugar.

Corn syrup still finds a place in the list of ingredients in the carbonated soda that America gulps down by the ton, and it is still a villain on the shelves of the super markets and our homes.

Source: Chicago Tribune