Teens’ Unhealthy Weight Hurts Later Fertility

Teenagers who are either underweight or obese are likely to have fewer children in adulthood, a study has found. It’s known that both obesity and abnormally low body weight are related to reproductive difficulties, and that obesity raises the risk of a number of pregnancy complications.

For women, an abnormally low BMI can disrupt the menstrual cycle, while obesity can lead to fertility problems. Obesity can, for example, contribute to polycystic ovary syndrome, a cause of infertility. A man’s reproductive health can also be affected by weight. Both obesity and a low BMI have been linked to poor sperm quality, and obesity can raise the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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Obesity has been related to many health problems including infertility. Infertility in overweight and obese teens is mainly related to ovulatory dysfunction. According to the studies, obese teens have irregular menstrual cycles. Irregular menstrual cycle increases the weight.

Irregular menstrual cycle is associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), obesity and increased levels of male hormones.

Health problems for mother and new born baby with overweight:

  • If teenage girl is obese, it can affect her health and health of new born when she is pregnant and becomes a mother.
  • Obesity or overweight increases the risk of death of baby and mother and increases the blood pressure of the mother ten times.
  • Overweight in pregnant lady can cause high blood pressure, urinary infection, gestational diabetes, toxemia and cesarean delivery.
  • Obesity during pregnancy can cause increased risk of birth defects like spina bifida.
  • Obesity can cause 13 times more likely to have longer labors, blood loss, induced labor and overdue births.
  • If you are obese during teen age, your obesity can cause problems like endometrial infection, urinary tract infection and endometriosis after pregnancy.

Health problems with underweight:

Some teenagers are constant dieters to keep their weight under control. They follow inadequate diets and can result in nutrition deficiency while pregnancy. When the teenager becomes too thin, periods stop.

When periods stop, they can’t ovulate and therefore cannot become pregnant. Girls with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are underweight. If you are underweight, you might be having the risk of having small baby and can have lots of problems.

Solution for unhealthy weight:

If you are overweight, you should limit the weight gain. Putting on more weight can increase the risk of high blood pressure when you become pregnant.

Stick to normal and well balanced diet and cut down the calorie intake to reduce the weight before only so that when you become pregnant, you will not face any problems related to weight.

If you are underweight, you should gain normal weight before becoming pregnant. Visit a nutritional specialist as they can suggest a diet for you. [Pregnancy diet for healthy weight]