The Blood Group Diet Responsible For Cliff Richards’ 30 Inch Waist

Known for clean living, rather unlike his contemporary singers who rocked the 60s and the 70s, Sir Cliff Richards is now reaping the benefits of moderation and shunning of vices at nearly 70 years of age. Looking very fit and toned even at this age, he gives credit to his Blood Group Diet, which he has been practicing for years now.

blood group dietThe Blood Group diet is based on cutting certain foods out of a person’s diet, based on the blood group of the person. It was developed by Dr Peter D’Adamo about 13 years ago and advises individuals what to eat based on their blood type.

Since Sir Cliff is Blood type A he has cut dairy, red meat, prawn, lobster and crab, grains such as wheat, vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines (egg plant) and certain fruit, such as banana, papaya and mangoes from his diet.

The Blood type diet must have something to recommend it; the singer of Bachelor Boy still has the same enviable 30 inch waist that he did 30 years ago, and is also still the same size.

According to nutritionist Rose Bettenson, this diet is effective in improving health and is particularly effective for those who have digestive issues.