The Lowdown On Some Popular Celeb Diets – Part 1

naomi campbellFrom time to time, new and attractive sounding diets are endorsed by celebrities and we are drawn in to trying them. Yet, how effective are these popular celebrity endorsed diets?

The Blood Type Diet endorsed by Hugh Grant, Cheryl Cole and Liz Hurley. According to experts there is no evidence to suggest that blood type is all responsible for digestion and it is never advisable to cut out entire food groups.

The Clean Program followed by Donna Karan and Gwyneth Paltrow. According to experts, this is a short term solution. This liquid based diet could be effective, but should ideally be reinforced by soups, smoothies and other nutritious foods.

The Lemonade diet championed by Anne Hathaway, Naomi Campbell and Beyonce Knowles. Experts say that this kind of diet may mean severe calorie restriction – only about 600 calories a day; plus it would be very boring, and give one headaches, impair concentration and make one irritable. Also there isn’t much nutrition here; no protein or fiber.

Raw food diet popularized by Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. According to experts, raw food is not necessarily better all the time and this diet usually is low on protein. Also this is a labor intensive diet and isn’t suitable for everyone.