Three Reasons Not To Skip Your Breakfast

You have probably heard the old saw; breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dine like a pauper. This one still holds true in that you must have a healthy breakfast every day, it is the one meal you should not be skipping.

It should be a healthy but hearty combination of carbs and protein that will give you sustained energy all through the day.

Breakfast helps you build muscle

Since the stomach is empty in the morning this is the right time for it to fill it full of nutrients which the body will be more receptive to in the morning.breakfast

A high protein breakfast is helpful in one’s aim to gain lean muscle.

You won’t overeat during the day

If you have had a nutritious breakfast in the morning, you will feel full and satisfied for a longer time as a day progresses and you won’t be ravenous when the next meal time comes along, making it less likely that you will over eat.

You have more energy throughout the day

A healthy well balanced breakfast will make sure that your body has the fuel and the energy to face the day ahead and not flag or feel tired.