Wheat and the Healthy Diet Elements

It is a fact that the people consuming regularly whole cereal such as wheat have a lower risk of getting a heart disease, diabetes or obesity.

wheatWheat has been known to man for over 10.000 years on the current territory of Iran and it is considered to bring a lot of benefits to the human body.

The wheat is actually the champion of the cereal world. It contains phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, the B vitamin complex and the vitamins E and K.

Exactly like the fruit and vegetables the wheat seeds are significantly contributing to the daily intake of antioxidants – the elements protecting us from the free radicals’ damaging effect.

The wheat and wheat products are an important source of fibers. The wheat contains mainly insoluble fibers essential for the intestinal transit. It’s common knowledge that a diet rich in fibers is the right way towards a fit silhouette and keeps the colon safe from the danger of cancer.

We hear a lot of talk about wheat germs and most of it is true. This food element is a real health source placing itself on the second place in the top of the vegetal elements with the highest content in fito sterols – compounds with a similar structure with the one of good cholesterol. This way 2 grams of wheat germs per day reduce the cholesterol with almost 10% in the short interval of 2 weeks.

The wheat germs are the top element in a diet sustained by heavy cardio workout. The persons consuming wheat germs are easily building muscle mass and benefit for an energy boost during workout.

The beauty of wheat germs is that they can replace a protein shake and a colon cleanse without pushing the body beyond its limits.

The bottom line is: wheat from its raw form to its germinated state is a must have in an equilibrated diet for a healthy and fit body.