Exercising Daily But Not Losing Weight

Growing up, all of us as children are ultimately fond of running, climbing trees, jumping and hopping all day long, staying put just for as long as we could grab a bite and this only in order to have enough energy to keep on playing until night fell.

The childhood is perhaps the most active period of our life and as a conclusion we can remember ourselves as being skinny kids but in spite of that, extremely energetic creatures.

The adult life teaches us that staying active and working out is ultimately related to our health but also to how much and how fast we lose weight.

“I work out a lot still I am not getting any thinner”

The above statement is surely something all of us have heard or even said at least once in a lifetime. What exactly happens that leads us to believe such a thing?

Let’s say you sweat, push your body forward keeping up with complex cardio routines reaching from the depth of your will towards the fit ties and abdomen muscles you see everywhere around you; but no matter how hard you try you cannot see any change.

When looking for the cause you first have to look at your body and only after that at the fitness routine you are following.

We all dream to have a body like a certain celebrity or friend we admire. The problem is not our dream but our perception because trying to achieve this absurd target we leave out or body characteristics which are unique.

Each body has features that need a larger amount of workout than others. Focusing on them will sure create visible result. Still keep in mind that the “problem” area you consider a problem cannot be worked on its own and ultimately the result will come in time.

In order to see results you must diversify the routine because sticking to the same number of pushups, or running minutes can only “bore” the muscles encouraging them to not work so hard. Diversifying the routine will stimulate the blood flow and your body will try and keep in tune with the new rhythm hence becoming more fit.

Many people think that cardio is the ultimate solution and that is why they disregard any other type of workout. The truth is it may be the solution for keeping in shape, for maximizing the body effort but it surely is not the solution for loosing weight very fast.

For examples working out the abdominal muscles the wrong way can in the best case not generate any result and in the worst case get you deformed.

The bottom line is that you must fit the fitness to your body and look for specific exercises that would be able to solve your problems but most of all always keep in mind that what worked for a person may not work for another person no matter how hard he or she would try.