Know How Calorie Intake and Exercise is Related

There is a strong relationship between the number of calories one intakes and the exercises he does to eliminate the calories.  If you happen to consume more calories than you desire, you can always burn those calories by exercising or engaging yourself in a physical workout session.  There are many exercises which work particularly help you to burn the maximum number of calories.

ways to burn calories through exercises

The following is a detailed account of the relation between calorie intake and exercise:

Metabolism and Exercise:

Exercising is directly proportional to your metabolism rate.  Generally, a person burns anywhere between 800 to 1500 calories and this burning of calories releases energy that is required for performing other functions in the day.

Burning of calories is related to exercising because the frequency with which the muscles contract is the determinant of the calories burned during exercising.  Infact the faster you breathe and the faster your heart beats also decides the number of calories you will burn.

Some ways to Burn Calories through Exercising:

Exercising is not the only way to burning calories but people also tend to burn calories even in the post-exercising period.  What happens in the post-exercising phase is that your body uses the energy and burns the extra calories to bring your body back into the state which was there before exercising.  Some other processes which help your body burn more calories are cooling down of body temperature, oxygen replenishment, energy replenishments and coming down of breathing rate.

There is another way in which exercising can lead to the burning of calories for a long term.  What happens is that as you start exercising on a regular basis and build more of muscle mass, the basal metabolic rate tends to rise up.  Because of the fact that you have more of lean muscle mass, the resting calorie burning rate is much higher.

How to Measure the Calories Burnt after Exercising?

There are many ways to measure the number of calories burnt through exercising.  There are several tables available online which can help you to calculate the calories that you have burnt after an exercising session.  But these tables may not be that accurate and hence you can opt for finding the personal calorie score.

For getting the personal calorie score, you can try working out the next time on an aerobic machine which has a calorie counter attached with it.  But the most accurate method of finding out the calories burnt is through special laboratories.


It is true that by knowing the number of calorie burnt, one can get very encouraged as far as doing physical activities are concerned.  But this should not be your only aim for engaging yourself in exercises.  It is very important to concentrate on being fit and healthy, rather than burning more calories.

Also, initially you might not be able to burn a lot of calories as your muscles are stiff and learning to work efficiently.  But as time passes, the number of calories burnt will gradually increase.

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