Let’s Dance Our Weight Away

Any of you noticed what beautiful muscles and tight bodies all dancers have? All of us girls dreamed while we were very young to become ballerinas.

Then we were fascinated buy their gliding grace and gentle perfection and we always associated ballerinas to a beauty icon.

Maybe in our girly heads for that image was responsible the tip toe movement that makes the ballerina legs looks so long and the perfect jumps and pirouettes that made them seem like flying.

As we became adults this fascination has targeted another kind of idols. On the music channels there are so many dancers every day, boys and girls presenting a perfect way of moving in a perfectly lined body.dance

They move like there’s nothing to it and that makes them a magnet for our envious eyes.

When my daughter told me she wanted to take dance classes I agreed immediately.

There are 6 months since then, and during this time my pretty princess who was slightly overweight became a graceful angel with perfect legs and star like moves. You will say it is easy for children and that dancing requires talent.

Do you remember aerobics, as it was in the beginning when it first became a fitness option? Then we said it was quite difficult to learn the moves, to do them correctly, etc…

Dancing is almost the same. I am not saying we can learn it over night but we certainly can if we want to.

A dance trainer told me that during Latino rhythms every muscle from our body is worked to the maximum. So why shouldn’t we learn to do this and have fun while exercising?

While dancing, our body adapts to the moves, flows with them, feels them and is working in the rhythm of the music.

I heard about fitness programs that use movements from the ritual dancing inspired by the wild tribes of the world. It is said that the movement connected to a sound gets more energetic and more motivational.

aerobicThis is the logical explanation why almost every fitness routine has a music background synchronized to the moves.

All this considered, channeling the energy through a dance seems like a very logical choice. I have joined a dance class last month and took my friends with me.

We are not doing society dance classes but rather a mixture between modern dancing and disco.

I have to tell you that after an hour we need a big breath of air and another set of clothes.

After a month all of us lost weight and saw our legs getting presentable for a miniskirt.

Maybe it seems strange that something as common as shaking our body can do so much damage to our weight but it seems to be very real.

If a few years ago someone would have told me I will start dancing every day and be able to fit the clothes from my early youth I would have told them they are crazy.

It’s nice to know that the one thing that changed my opinion helped me get fit and improved my odds of feeling more energetic.